Confession of the Egoists!

Hamlet has given this generation an awfully amazing and defensive quote “to be or not to be”. This article is not at all a serious philosophical one but the humor in life has given birth to a new philosophy.

From the age of sweet sixteen girls and boys start searching their soul mates and are in chaos of discovering the hidden one. Whole by whorl?. thanks heaven they aren’t searching for an onion which won’t be left by the end of spiraling session. I have plenty of real stories with me of some of my friends who wish to be or not to be the initiator! Its been always thought the boys are the ones who are supposed to start the ignition in affirming the fact of liking and confessing but here are few real pieces of news in which they got fire without alighting the explosion. Who is more egoistic in confessing the likeness; girls or boys and what is the best to ignite the fire of love amongst them. Hmm yeah means who is supposed to be the initiator generally and ethically.

As per our customs mostly guys start off but here with the traditional way a guy after 5 years of his friendship went up to the same girl whom he used to like a lot since the good old school days. The girl got pissed off as she wasn’t interested in him and yelled at him that he has ruined the friendship?. this was a slap on his face as he was compelled to confess by his friends. This is one case poor chap went in the traditional way got led to the same situation of being “to be or not to be”.

When girls confess wow guys really do like it but they pay less importance to the acts of a girl as they got what ever they wanted and the journey ends here. They are in continuous search of a shell, which is to be open by risks and then, a pearl jammed in it. It’s in boys’ nature to get things after loads of efforts hmm that might be a reason why girls hardly dig roads. That’s commonly seen when usually girls express their ‘pasand’ they are taken on that express way from which they usually get answer ‘ you were a dear friend of mine and I can never think of getting along with you as I am not worth of your love’, said an over whelmed boy who was recently been spotted as the apple of a lovers eye. No worries this girl went on with her life and waited for another trademark thing to happen.

What is broad-spectrum psyche of the most egoistic personas? Do they hide from the reality TV or some personal experiences have made them as obstinate as a mule. By unremitting rejections are their faces not responsive or they pretense that they are the paramount and creditable of some thing beyond love.

These are the questions of identity.

People become helpless as, no matter they confess or not, they have genuine problems with their beloveds. Who shall initiate first???? If a girl is being very choosy about her beloved’s choice before confessing, guy will say she is just trying to impress me by her fake acceptance of my choice. As she is coming close to me then no charm in life will remain to strip off the hidden charisma of finding your mate.

When guys confess and do all the materialistic things that a girl wants, she will vocalize that he is being close to me, as he wants to extinguish the burning desire. Oh where the world is leading! Is this the result of too much exposure of life’s bitter realities in early stages or it’s just the education brushing up people’s thought.

Negative approach or to be more exact the fear of rejection should not be made the masters of your emotions as the feeling of guilt kills you and this should be an open affirm being a 21st century generation. Tum nahee tu koyee aur sahee koyee aur nahee tu koyee aur sahee. Be and Let others be!