Ideas on How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

After a break up, many women are left heart bro­ken. They take more time to recover from the shock they get from the break up than men do. They keep won­der­ing where they went wrong. At this point they can do just any­thing so as to get their man back. They end up mak­ing fools of them­selves. This in the end makes their ex s to feel that they made a right deci­sion in break­ing up the rela­tion­ship. The thought of a get back does not close their mind. There are many ways on how to attract men and how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

One of these ways is by try­ing to under­stand how men think. On under­stand­ing it one can then use their way of think­ing as a weapon to attract them back to you. After a break up men always expect you to start call­ing, writ­ing mes­sages and emails to them. You should not try talk­ing him.
It is good to avoid him when you can. They like it when one seems des­per­ate. How­ever doing all this does not make them change their mind. This only ends con­vinc­ing them that they had made a right deci­sion in break­ing up with you.

When one acts calm after the break up, and moves on with life, then this makes the man feel bad. It makes him feel that he misses to be with you. Act­ing strong and mature is a good weapon. This makes him come after you. Men are mostly attracted to con­fi­dent women.
You should also not be too nice and bow down to every one of his whims. This is because by doing so a per­son seems des­per­ate. Act­ing too nice also makes the rela­tion­ship to be too bor­ing. This makes him feel that you are insecure.

It is also good to show him that you have other spe­cial peo­ple in your life. Most men are mostly attracted to women because of their out­ward appear­ances. It is there­fore impor­tant for one to con­sider how she looked like when they first met. This is get­ting your body into the same shape it was in when you met and also dress­ing up in the same type of clothes you used to in the days he was attracted to you.
It is also good for one to real­ize that gifts like flow­ers should be used to tell some­one that you like, love them or when you want to thank them. Giv­ing these things to a per­son so that they can get attracted to you is not advis­able. This is because it could lead to them think­ing that you have faults that you are try­ing to hide.

When a rela­tion­ship is bro­ken up your boyfriend could be giv­ing you time to change. How­ever it is good for one to be able to read in between the lines and be able to tell whether her spouse is going to give her a sec­ond chance in the rela­tion­ship or not. It is not good for one to have her hopes high on things that will never take place.