How to Attract Older Men

Trying to attract older men is often frowned upon by others. The phrase he’s too old for you is still stuck in people’s minds. Then again, you’ve always been a rebel a feisty woman who speaks her own mind and doesn’t care what others think. Good, because if you want to attract older men, that’s the attitude you’re going to need.

Being a rebel

Why are older men keen to notice rebellious women? Because of the very reason you like being a rebel  you’re not asking for anyone’s approval. You’re not afraid to take risks and you’re more open to new experiences, regardless of what others think of you. And right now, your relationship options are more open and you wouldn’t mind getting to know a more mature man.

When you do find an older man you like, don’t forget your confidence and personality. He’s still a man after all, and like all men, no matter how experienced, tend to be a little nervous when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman. While it’s great you’re giving the impression of being feisty and rebellious, don’t forget to look approachable as well.

Smile and make eye contact when he approaches you so he’ll know he’s being invited. Try to relax so you wouldn’t trip all over your words when you speak. Babbling kind of ruins the confident rebel persona. You need to impress him with your maturity, so stay calm and keep a steady pace.

Being prepared

Being rebellious isn’t enough if you want to attract older men. While you’re prepared to have a relationship with him, are you prepared for the emotional baggage that goes with it? Think about it: he’s more experienced, and what are the chances he’s been a bachelor all his life? This means you may be looking at not a single man, but a divorced man.

An older man would most likely have an ex-wife and children somewhere. Be honest and ask yourself: can you handle this? Can you handle the possibility that he’s a father and an ex husband? Are you okay with the idea of being the other woman (so to speak)?

You need to really ask yourself these questions before you go any further. After all, trying to attract older men is one thing, having a serious relationship with one is another. You need to think things through or you’ll only mislead him and even hurt yourself.

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