What Women Want

Why aren’t all good looking men successful with women? And why do some guys, with only average looks at best, seem to have a new girl on their arm every other week?
Take for instance, my buddy Tony. Tony is very good looking. He’s tan and has a natural boyish face. AND he drives a Corvette. AND he dresses well.
My other friend, Bruce, is not so good looking (average from what my girl friends tell me). He’s not really muscularly built in any way. And he doesn’t get a haircut often enough – and he has a bad habit of cutting his own hair. He THINKS he knows how to cut his hair, but he doesn’t. You really can’t get worse style-wise than my good old pal Bruce.
So what do Tony and Bruce have in common?
NEITHER of them can meet women to save their lives!!!
So I thought they’d be perfect for running a little scientific experiment. (Hey, why should we do all the sh*t work when we can have Tony and Bruce do it for us in the name of science?)
To prove how much you can improve your pick-up skills WITHOUT great looks and a $45, 000 car like Tony, I arranged for the three of us to hit the bars late Saturday night (of course you can use the skills I’m about to show you anywhere). I finally got Tony and Bruce to go because I promised I’d double their success rate in one night – and if I didn’t, I’d pay them each $300.

At first, I had them each walk up to a woman at the bar. I pointed out the girl I wanted them each to approach, and told them to do or say whatever they thought of in the moment.
For Tony, I pointed to a tan, blonde girl wearing a shirt that read”superstar”in glitter, one of the hottest girls in the place. I watched as Tony walked in her direction, tried to make intense, stalker-like eye contact (with no success), and then sort of circled around her rather lamely. I can’t laugh because we’ve all been there before, maybe even you.

For Bruce I pointed out a cute, black girl. Now I should remind you, Bruce looks a little scary. He’s not the kind of guy you’d expect to have ANY success. And sure enough. He went up to the black girl, and said”hi”rather lamely. The black girl looked at him for not even half a second and then completely ignored his presence. Bruce, like so many other men, had”struck out”.
I can’t blame Tony and Bruce. Like most other guys, they have NO idea what’s involved in meeting women in this kind of setting. That’s understandable; it can be downright confusing and frightening at times without the right skills.

I had each of them go up to 4 more women, without my help and without advice. Tony got into a conversation with the fifth and last woman he approached, but my guess is his good looks did the trick (yes, looks and money will get you somewhere). Bruce went up to two more women and they both brushed him off… the last two he bailed out on.

So far, their success rate for meeting women looks like this (see Figure 1 below).
Ouch, nasty. However, I don’t believe that meeting women has to be so painful. In fact, it can be fun and rewarding. I use a strategy, something I call a Stealth Line, where you NEVER get rejected if your delivery is right.

Now came time to experiment. Without Tony’s knowledge I told Bruce to SLOW DOWN his words and speech. I noticed that he was trying to deliver his opening lines to the women he had approached way too fast, which made him look nervous. In a bar setting especially you need to talk slowly, even a bit more slowly than normal just so that the woman can hear you over the crowd. Besides, a sexy voice sounds slow and resonant. You might not think this is important, but how you deliver the first lines is just as important as what you say.

I then gave Bruce one of my Stealth Lines from «3 Master Keys Of Pickup Lines». I had him practice the line using a slower, resonant voice until he had it memorized word for word. I instructed Bruce to say it *EXACTLY* like I had told him how to say it and not to change anything about it.
Once I thought Bruce had it down well enough, I told Tony and Bruce each to go up to 5 more women I randomly picked out in the name of science.

The results were this. Tony had 1 good response out of the 5 again. But this time, Bruce, using my Stealth Line and better delivery, achieved 3 good responses out of the 5. (See Figure 2 below)
This just shows that what you say and how you deliver is much more important than just your looks. Tony, according to conventional wisdom, should have done better because of his looks and style; but he didn’t. Bruce beat him out by over 3 times… and with a little more practice I know Bruce could achieve positive responses 5 out of 5 times. In fact, my buddy Bruce had never had that kind of success and couldn’t stop talking about his great experience for the rest of the night. This goes to show that looks may get you far, but science and practice will take you to the moon!
And no, Tony’s success rate DIDN’T double that night, so I paid him $300 as promised. Still, I think he’d rather of had Bruce’s success than $300.