What Really Turns Women Off!

In my book”Guaranteed Success With Women”I spend a lot of time supplying you with dozens of easy to use strategies that will help you be hugely attractive to women.
In this article I want to share with you four things that you should avoid doing at all costs so that you don’t make a terrible impression and ultimately blow any possible chance of scoring! These may seem like plain old-fashioned common sense but… it’s amazing how many men throw common sense right out the window!
So pay attention here as the following is a list of qualities that women DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT in a man!
While women are highly attracted to men with confidence, they are also highly repulsed by a guy with a cocky ego. There is a vast difference between being quietly confident and prancing around like”God’s Gift to Women.”Here are some signs of an over-inflated ego:

  • They believe they know it all.
  • They will never admit they are wrong even when you prove them wrong.
  • They act as if they are smarter than women and talk down to them.
  • They brag constantly.
  • They think they are perfect.
  • They don’t listen when others are talking. They cut others off while speaking.
  • They are very arrogant, pompous and self-righteous.
  • They think they are always right.

This kind of behavior is displayed by the guy that struts around like he is the”King of The Jungle.”He has an arrogant and obnoxious attitude that says he thinks that no-one can be better, more capable, more successful, stronger, faster, more anything than himself.
Another characteristic of this personality is that he is loud and will go out of his way to ensure that everyone can hear him. This charming fellow also has the opinion that women are nothing more than bimbos and meant to provide him sex in between doing housework.
Listen, a tiny bit of macho is ok, but it is very subtle. Just being quietly self-assured and confident will give you an air of macho without being a “Macho.”
It’s no secret that women absolutely adore a man who goes out of his way to make them feel special all the time. It is the key to her heart as well as her inner desires!
If this is the case, then why do so many get an”F”in this department? It’s because the minute they win her over they stop doing the very things that won her over in the first place! So from now on make the effort to do special things for her like:

  • Leave a little love note in her purse.
  • Cook dinner for her.
  • Buy a small gift.
  • Tell her how much she means to you, even if you just told her an hour ago!
  • Really make an effort to listen even when you just think she is being an over-emotional female.
  • Never forget birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions.

Those are just a few ideas to keep her thrilled to be with you!
Women certainly don’t like a guy who only thinks about himself and what he is interested in. Think about how unattractive some girls or people you know are like this. It is a big turn-off real fast!
Understand that the bottom-line is… women don’t like playing second fiddle to anything such as a man’s preoccupation with his profession, work, hobbies, sports etc… they want you to put them up on a pedestal in the center of your universe.
Now this doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all your interests just to keep her happy. It just means that you have to make an effort to spend a balanced amount of quality time with her.
Alright, if you avoid doing the above four cardinal sins you really will stand head and shoulders above the other bachelors out there. It’s that easy!