What Are Some Signs of Attraction Women Give Off to Men?

Dating and meeting women gets a lot easier when you know how to read a woman right. Meaning,   when you know if she is attracted to you or not. Honestly, most guys get this wrong at least half the time. Why is it so important that YOU discover what signs that you should be looking for to know if a woman is attracted to you? It will save you from the agony of trying to make a woman want you when she clearly is not leaning that way at all. Just think about how much EASIER it would be for you to be able to tell right away if it is worth your time to pursue a woman or not.

Here are a few signs of attraction women give off that you should be looking for:

1)  Friendly or curious eye contact.
Just saying, look for eye contact from a woman isn’t going to cut it, because a woman could look your way but feel nothing inside. What you really want to be looking for is friendly eye contact or the kind of look that a woman gives when she is curious about you. That way, you know that it actually MEANS something.
2)  She finds a way to get CLOSER to you.
Most of the time, if she likes what she sees, she is going to find some way to get closer to you. After you have spotted some friendly eye contact, you want to see her get closer to you. She doesn’t necessarily have to get right next to you, you just want to see her move in your direction.
3)  She starts conversation with YOU.
This doesn’t always happen this way. There are plenty of women who still want the guy to be the one to make the move. Still, if you notice that she gets closer to you AND she is the one that starts conversation with you – take that as a pretty good sign that she is into you. Now, the ball is in YOUR court.
4)  She TOUCHES you when she is talking to you.
This can be just a sign of where she comes from. There are plenty of women in New York who touch people when they talk, so it does not always mean that it is a sign that she definitely wants you. Still, I usually just assume that it means that there is definitely some attraction there.
5)  She LICKS HER LIPS to moisten them.
I love this one. If she licks her lips when she is talking to you, it is usually a subconscious sign that she wants you. Does it always mean that? No, but as long as you see this going on plus you are getting some OTHER signs from her as well – you should assume that you do have a pretty good chance with her.

One thing that you should know is that the MORE SIGNS that you see coming from her, the more likely it is that she does want you. Will you get it wrong some of the time? Maybe. However, the better you get at being able to spot the signs of attraction women give off to men that they like – the easier things get for you and the less time you will waste chasing after women who just don’t feel that way.