How to Turn a Female Friend Into a Girlfriend – 3 Secrets You Need to Know

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in the friend zone with a woman you’d much rather be dating? It’s hard to look at her with that longing in your eyes, wishing that she felt the same way that you do and knowing that right now, all she sees you as is a friend. You know that you want more than that because you just can’t seem to stop thinking about her in that way. You may be able to put on a front and make other people believe that it’s cool just being her friend,  but you know that deep down inside,  you’d rather be kissing her and holding her.

What can you do to turn a female friend into a girlfriend?

1.  The first thing that needs to change is the dynamic between you and her.
As long as she still looks at you like a friend,  the odds that you will ever wind up getting physical with her are just not going to be on your side. That dynamic that you have with her has to change. It has to stop feeling like friendship to her if you are ever going to be her boyfriend. Most men get stuck in the friend zone with a woman they like because they believe that being her friend first is the best way to make her want to date them. It’s not. Sometimes that may work, but most of the time all that does is get you stuck in the friend zone with her.
2.  The second thing that needs to change is that you need to stop spending time with her for a little while.
I think that this is going to be the hardest thing for you to do, because you probably like spending time with her, but if you ever want to be more than just a friend – that needs to stop for a little while. It’s much easier to change the way that she feels about you when you are not constantly around her acting like you are her best friend. Just think about how much better it is going to feel when you realize that she is starting to feel the same way about you and that should be motivation enough to stop spending time with her for a little while.
3.  You are going to have to come back into her life acting more like a guy who wants to be her boyfriend and less like a guy who just wants to be her friend.
When you do start to spend time with her again, you can’t go right back to acting like her best friend who is always going to be there and who will do her favors all of the time. You have to start acting like a guy who wants to date her. That does mean that you are going to have to reach a point where you are ready to put the moves on her. You may want to look at this post to get some ideas on what you need to do to take things to that physical level with her.