How to Seduce a Woman With Words: How Conversation Can Spark Attraction

You want to know how to seduce a woman and like most guys, one of the first things that you are either going to come across or think about is the classic pick up line. And if you are like most guys,  you’ll try a couple here or there – hoping that you’ll strike gold with one of them and most of the time find that it just doesn’t have the success rate that you think it does. You might then get a little bit skeptical about the idea that you can use conversation to spark attraction and even help you seduce a woman. The truth is,  that words do play a pivotal role in the seduction of a woman.
What matters though, is the IMPRESSION that those words give a woman more than anything else.
Let me explain:
One guy who is obviously confident and charming and gives off that vibe of being a natural born alpha male can drop a line on a woman and make her smile, laugh, and her heart skip a beat. Another guy who is shy, who lacks self confidence can drop the same line on that same woman and make her feel awkward or uncomfortable or even creeped out a bit.
What makes the difference?
It’s that the first guy gives off the impression of being someone she wants to get to know better. He gives off that vibe that gives her chills and makes her feel sexually attracted to him right away. The impression that she gets is what ends up making the line work.
Conversation Can Spark Attraction – If It Seems Natural and Fun and Congruent to Who You Are
See, the guy who walks up to a woman lacking confidence and lacking charm or charisma already gives off the impression that she probably doesn’t want to get to know him at all. So, just about anything that he says is NOT going to work. The line doesn’t seem at congruent to the impression that she gets of him – so it doesn’t work.
Women want to be approached and even seduced – if it is by the RIGHT guy. And when you learn how to seduce a woman with words,  that can happen for you. However, before you go and try to use words to seduce a woman, you have to know that the delivery makes all of the difference. The vibe that she gets from you is what makes or breaks you.

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