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Get with the young women you want by letting go of your preconceived notion that women automatically suspect you of being a *Dirty Old Man*.
Carlos I got a problem. Being a mid-30’s guy I am attracted to women in their early 20’s. Not always, of course. But, you know, they take care of themselves a LOT better. But what do you think about that dynamic? Am I an”Old Fart”for these women? Because sometimes I feel that way when I contemplate approaching them. I wanted to go talk to one today until she started skipping towards her friend/older sister. I said”whoa”maybe this girl is 18 and they are gonna call security! You know? Well, what do you think about approaching women of this age group being my age and what do you think my chances are with them? Are they much more limited? Am I going to get an entirely different response? Am I already at a disadvantage being my age with say, a 22 year-old woman? Could you get a woman like that or would your success be minimal? Very curious about this age group and if maybe I should just forget about them altogether.
I know this is a cliché, but you are only as old as you feel, dude.
I’ve noticed something in the emails and questions that I get regularly, and that is that most guys are not sabotaged by women, nor are they guilty of any real heinous crime when it comes to the art of pickup and seduction.
No, most often they are victims of their own SELF-LIMITING beliefs.
Henry Ford once said that”whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re probably right.”
And I think there is nothing more true. And there is nothing more applicable to the level of success people achieve in their lives.
They are only held back by what they believe.
We’ve been programmed since birth to accept limitations which bear NO RELATION to reality.
Did you know that humans are born with only a couple fears instinctually built in?
One is the fear of loud noises.
Another is the fear of abandonment.
Besides these, there’s not a lot of fear that we have that is not LEARNED over the course of our lives. And, as a result, these programmed fears stop us from being the awesome creative power that we could be.
You can get with women of ANY age. (Uh, any LEGAL age, that is.)
You’re listening to your own pre-programming that says that women automatically suspect you of being a dirty old man because you’re interested in younger women.
But isn’t it funny how many women like older men?
There are a LOT of women that are looking for a father figure in their lives, and welcome an older man. As long as you don’t look like an old guy, or look like an old guy who is trying TOO HARD to look young, you shouldn’t have any problems. I regularly hit on women at least ten years younger than me.
And the best part is that the strategies from the e-book work even better on younger women. They are much simpler in terms of their motivations and reaction options.
Older men also have the following advantages to younger women:
They’ve established a career and an ability to protect and support them.
They’re more mature.
They’re more stable.
They’re more confident.
They don’t come in the first 30 seconds.
You get the point.
Generally speaking, most women date older men. It’s just the way of things.
But HOW MUCH older is up to the man.
You see, if you act like you’re some kind of pervert, an old fart dating women too young for him, it will come through in your actions, your confidence, and just about every behavior will be tainted with your secret fear.
But, on the other hand, if you can let go of this preconceived notion that you are a pervert because of this, you will then be able to shake free of this fear-chain you’ve created and get the women you want.
You see, I would even go so far as to say that you should not even take my word on this topic, and create your own reality regarding women and older men rather than fall prey to another person’s judgment. It just so happens, though, that my opinion is that any opinion that gives you more options is a better opinion.
Sound funny?
Let’s put it this way – Put yourself on the path with the most choices for you and you will always do better than the person who limits their options.
I have a saying:
Every system will work, if you work the system.
But all too often, people spend more time trying to shoot down or poke holes in something before they actually go out and really DO IT.
You see, it’s easier to sit back and rationalize why NOT to do something. It keeps you safe.
No risk.
But no risk equals no possible gain or success.
You are only as limited as you think you are.
I’ve been teaching men how to have more successful relationships with women for YEARS now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that guys are messing up so many simple steps in the progression of meeting women.
And keeping your attitude up while giving you the real information you need to be successful with women is what I’ve put in my e-books. You can finally learn the things about women that NO ONE else will teach you.
Isn’t it time you got this part of your life under your control?
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