Online Dating: Dos and Don’ts for Men

Online dating has lots of advantages, and many happy couples met On the Internet. However, if you are new to this activity, you should read our recommendations to know what you can do and what should be avoided.

What You Should Do

Make a Good Profile

You should make a good profile, avoiding leaving empty fields and duplicating information found in profiles of other people. Before you submit your information, you should check it carefully to ensure that it has not grammar or other mistakes.

Check Her Profile

Carefully check a profile of a woman that you are going to write to. You should create nice messages avoiding sending the same things to different women. It is important to demonstrate that you are really interested in this particular woman and that you have spent some time reading information in her profile and checking out her pictures.

Ask and Answer Questions

You should ask different questions about her life, hobbies, pets, etc. Not only will this show the lady that you are really interested in meeting her, but it will also help you to keep the conversation engaging. Also, you should be open for her by replying to her questions in a proper manner.

Be Patient

If you do not get a reply instantly, you should just wait for a bit longer. Maybe a person is very busy at work or with some other things, and you should just give her some time. If a person does not show up within a few days, you should move on.

What You Should Not Do

Avoid Posting Stupid Photos and Asking for More

It may be hard to choose a good photo, but you should avoid those with a webcam, in front of the bathroom mirror, selfies, half-dress pictures from the gym, pictures with other people, etc. You should also avoid choosing old pictures that have little in common with your current look. If there are several pictures in her profile, do not ask her for more. You can do this only if you have been communicating for some time but, anyway, you should not insist.

Do Not Lie

Many guys prefer to lie to make a good impression, but this is a very bad strategy that you should avoid. Yes, it is a short way to take someone out, but, eventually, the truth will be revealed and unlikely you will be able to gain the trust of the other person again. If you are looking for someone to establish close relationships, you should not lie.

Avoid Describing Your Problems

You can and even should tell her that you are divorced or have had a painful separation, but avoid going deeply into details. If you reach a point when you spend some time sharing your unpleasant experience, it is good, but she is not your psychologist, so make sure that the conversation may make her feel uncomfortable. Eventually, you are here to make your life happier.