How to Choose a Photo for Your Dating Profile

What is the very first that you pay your attention to when checking out someone’s profile? That is right! Their photo! If you find it attractive, you may want to find out more about the person, but if you do not like it, you move on. This is exactly what happens with all dating sites users, and that is why choosing the right photo is very important.

Do Not Choose Photo of Poor Quality

The photo that you want to use as your profile picture should be of high quality, and your face should be seen without any problems. You should never use low-resolution pictures, those out of focus, and where you face cannot be seen.

Avoid Using Selfies

Selfies are very popular nowadays, but this is not what you should use as your profile picture. Particularly, you should avoid posting selfies made in front of the bathroom mirror. You can just ask someone to take a picture of you, or you can use a camera with a timer.

Be Properly Dressed

Even if you have an outstanding body, you should not show it off in your profile picture. Usually, people try to avoid contacting users with such profiles, and you will likely get fewer visits than if you were properly dressed.

Choose a Positive Photo

Positive photos attract attention, and that is why you should avoid using photos where you look unhappy, aggressive, etc. Unless it is a really beautiful picture of you, and your friends also agree that it is suitable to be your profile picture, do not use it.

Do Not Post Photos with Other People

There should be only you in your profile picture! You should not post pictures with someone else, including your relatives, friends, roommate, etc. It may be tempting to choose a nice photo of you with other people and just crop it properly, but, usually, it is a bad idea because it makes an impression that you are trying to hide something.

Look Natural

This is related to makeup, hairstyle, and other stuff that changes you significantly. You should also avoid posing because, usually, people in such picture look like they try really hard. You should be relaxed and natural.

Post Only Recent Picture

You may have been much prettier ten years ago, than now, but it does not mean that you should post your photos from high school. Eventually, you will need to show your recent pictures, or do you want to go on a date and make a surprise? It is unlikely that your potential partner will appreciate it.

Post Several Pictures

One good picture is enough to attract someone’s attention, but you should post several pictures of you in different situations. This allows other people to get a better understanding of what you look like, which increases your chances of finding someone who really likes you. This also gives people a feeling that you have nothing to hide from them.